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Yonatan Levi Beiruti is a real estate appraiser who thoroughly investigates all aspects of buildings and land to determine their value. The determined value can be useful for a variety of purposes, including purchases, sales, investments, mortgages, and loans.

Our offices provide varied assessment reports, such as: Eminent domain (expropriation of land), reduction in property size (suits against municipalities), improvement tax (claims), status inquiries on rezoned farmland for clients wishing to do construction, and settlement of estates among multiple parties.

In appraising a property we measure it and inspect its design, construction, and condition. We also take into account possible future losses in value and reconstruction costs, location, and other trends that could influence the future value of the property.

We search public records for any additional information that may assist us in making the appraisal, including records of previous sales, leases, assessments, and other transactions. The records are usually found in local government offices or computer databases accessible through the Internet.

All of our real estate appraisals are summarized in an assessment document. This report includes market value research, the legal status (deeds or leases) of the property, analysis of applicable urban construction plans, rights for additional building, construction permits, and a description of the physical condition of the property.

In addition to our appraisal services, we offer consultation services including dispute resolution, arbitration, and settlement of estates.

This site provides professional guidance and real estate articles including: 

Tips for making an initial do-it-yourself appraisal, explanation of the steps needed to carry out an assessment, approaches and principles of valuation, and details about different types of real estate reports.

Yonatan Levi Beiruti is a real estate appraiser and a lawyer, holds a master's degree in auditing, and has been involved in real estate appraisal for the past five years working with state institutions, banks, and private offices. He works within the spirit of Torah and justice—without bias and providing courteous service. In this website you may also find articles on the Torah sources and values related to real estate:

" וְכִי תִמְכְּרוּ מִמְכָּר לַעֲמִיתֶךָ, אוֹ קָנֹה מִיַּד עֲמִיתֶךָ אַל תּוֹנוּ, אִישׁ אֶת-אָחִיו"(ויקרא כה')

"And if thou sell aught unto thy neighbour, or buy of thy neighbour's hand, ye shall not wrong one another." (Leviticus  Chapter 25)

Please do not browse the site or seek counseling on the holy Sabbath.

For Initial consultation you may contact Yonatan Levi Beiruti - Real Estate Appraiser, Lawyer:

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Office Address:  Jerusalem Center

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The professional (and legal) way to value real estate is by an assessment, performed by a real estate appraiser, a specialist who is a trained and licensed professional, committed to the code of ethics of the Board of Appraisers. This assessment is the primary document to counsel and provide guidance in buying / selling real estate.

Our office provides appraisal reviews of various types of real estate assets, including apartment buildings, residential houses, commercial areas, industrial buildings, agricultural plots and office buildings. We also appraise real estate for multiple/various purposes.

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טלפון: 077-5253416
פקס: 153-25712262
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